Kevin Lynn Brown

UX Leader

My Mission

Enterprise work can be complex and difficult.
Enterprise software should be simpler and easier.

My Story

I began my professional life as an artist and illustrator. Illustration is storytelling with art. It's fine art to communicate something of value to the masses. I've always seen art as something positve that gives a benefit to people, either informing them or entertaining them.

When the Internet became popular, I moved to the digital world for all the opportunities for art and design. Most web design opportunities were with enterprise businesses. I began by creating web sites and web applications for banks and mortgage brokers. Then moved into web-based applications for Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. From there I moved into User Experience, conducting user research and interaction design for dozens and dozens of enterprises applications.

For me, the work of UX Design is very much like my degree in commercial illustration. You have to do research and learn about the customers and the business first, tell a compelling story through the work, and use art and design to move the user's eye to what is important in that story.

Whether creating an illustration or designing a user experience, everything I do is about helping people, either improving their experience with software or helping them find a new resource or product they need, through storytelling with art and design.

Design Process

I promote Design Thinking with product teams. Currently I favor the Double Diamond representation of this process. I find the diamond symbol and 4 stages easier to communicate to non-UX colleagues and get buy-in with product teams for the Design Thinking process.



1. Contextual Inquiry
Interview end users. As a format to keep interviews meaningful but brief enough to get adequate participation, I ask for
  1. Role (not just job title)
  2. A Day in the Life
  3. Tools / Environment
  4. Goals, Tasks and Steps
  5. Pain Points
2. Empathy Map / Persona
Based directly on quotes from the user interviews. The goal here is the 80/20 rule. If we design for this persona, 80% of our users will be satisfied and the other 20% can live with it and are ok with it.


3. User Story
Extract high-level, over-arching User Story from interview/empathy information, formatted as 'Who' does 'What' and 'Why' - the latter being the specific measurable value a customer would derive from the experience. This story is the framework for design, the test case to validate success, and the storyboard script for the Super Bowl ad that must resonate with the customer. I should be able to go to a customer and ask, "If we deliver [User Story] in this release, would you buy it?" and the answer always should be, "Yes!"
4. User Experience Map / User Journey
Decompose the User Story into the steps that make up the User Experience Map / User Journey


5. Ideation
Generate ideas for the solution through Ideation. If it's improving an existing product, find the pain points in the journey and ideate on improvement ideas.
6. Prototype
Prototype the ideas we will pursue. Depending on how far along we are in the product release, may be paper sketch, wireframe walkthrough, clickable mid-fidelity prototype, high-fidelity interactive mockup or even HTML/code prototype.


7. User Test
Test the prototypes with end users to vet the ideas and discover new ideas. I use small samples sizes of participants with more iterations/versions of a design. (Prefer minimum of ~5 users per test run.)
8. Iteration
Repeat prior steps as needed, ever bringing the design and prototypes to higher fidelity.
9. Deliver
Deliver the final design. May be a blend of prototypes for behavior and visual specs for the visual design.

Strengths / Expertise

I am currently the Vice President of User Experience and Design with a background in art and graphic design, experience as an Interaction Designer, with skills in responsive web design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I lead user research and lead UX teams across the product portfolio. I have experience as a UI Engineer with skills in Java development as well.

My primary goal is to always play a vital role, whether individually or within a team, in the design and development of best-in-class graphical user interfaces, with regard to aesthetics, functionality, usability and end-user satisfaction.

  • years experience hiring, training, leading and managing enterprise UX teams
  • Design Thinking instructor and practitioner
  • Lead usability research, rapid prototype and testing techniques
  • years experience in graphical user interface design for enterprise web applications
  • Experienced and skilled developer with expertise in cross-platform HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • years experience in web design and graphic design
  • Agile/iterative development practitioner for about years

Product Domains

Vice President of UX

  • Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
  • Deal Management
  • Order Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Task Management
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • E-Commerce
  • Billing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Rebates
  • Promotions
  • Incentives
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • AI / Machine Learning

UX Director

  • Sales Performance Management (SPM)
  • Commissions/Incentive Management
  • Producer/Insurance Compensation Manager (ICM)
  • Territory & Quota Management (T&Q)
  • Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflow
  • User Management (SSO, 2-factor auth)
  • Connect (integration API and administration)

UX Team Lead

  • B2B Commerce Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Full-Stack UX Design

  • Corporate Tax Compliance

UX Design, User Research

  • B2B Commerce Multi-Enterprise Gateway
  • Enterprise Case Management (ECM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • eDiscovery Legal Compliance
  • Enterprise Search
  • Text and Content Analytics
  • Document Classification
  • Document Management
  • Records Management

UI Engineer

  • Multi-dimensional OLAP (MOLAP)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Web Design

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Banking and Financial
  • Commercial and Personal

Work Experience

Apttus Corporation(Middle Office, Quote To Cash)

Vice President of User Experience and DesignJul 2018 – present
  • Oversaw user experience design process for corporation at large
  • Led global UX team of full-time staff and contractors, located in multiple sites in US and India
  • Team lead and contributor to design language and design system
  • Determine corporate-wide UX plans for a $1.5B SAAS company
  • Conduct User Research and User Testing
  • Participate in and provide input to Product Team release planning and quality measures around usability of products
  • Work closely with Product Management to understand customer requirements, interview actual users to understand their pain points, and leverage all the research into creating user-friendly designs
  • Hire and lead worldwide UX team

SAP(Middle Office, Sales Performance Management)

Director of User ExperienceApr 2018 – Jun 2018
  • Crafted CallidusCloud's conversion to SAP's design language and design system
  • Formed and lead cross-discipline mobile UI team of UXers and UI developers in India, Serbia, UK and US
  • Lead design of 16+ products in the product portfolio
  • Hire and lead worldwide UX team of contractors and full-time staff, located in US and Serbia
  • Participate in and provide input to release planning and quality measures around usability of products
  • Work closely with Product Management to understand customer requirements, interview actual users to understand their pain points, and leverage all the research into creating user-friendly designs
  • Interaction Design
  • User Research
  • Front End Development

CallidusCloud(Sales Performance Management)

Director of User ExperienceJan 2015 – Apr 2018
  • I educated company for the first time about UX, development teams that never had UX engagement before,
  • Drove unification of UI for 13+ different products (a majority were acquisitions) into a unified suite of applications with improved usability and responsive design where possible, collaborating with 10 different development organizations to complete. Major impact to the company – every screen for every product at the 2015 conference demonstrated my work
  • I authored CallidusCloud's design language and design system
  • I formed and lead cross-discipline mobile UI team of UXers and UI developers in India, Serbia, UK and US
  • Determine corporate-wide UX plans for a $1B SAAS company
  • Lead design of 13+ products in the product portfolio
  • Hire and lead worldwide UX team of contractors and full-time staff, located in US, Serbia and India
  • Participate in and provide input to release planning and quality measures around usability of products
  • Work closely with Product Management to understand customer requirements, interview actual users to understand their pain points, and leverage all the research into creating user-friendly designs
  • Interaction Design, User Research, Front End Development

IBM(B2B and Commerce)

UX LeadApr 2013 – Jan 2015
  • Led a team of 5 UX people in 4 locations across 3 countries who had never worked together before and developed a synergy and working rapport across the team, trained all in Design Thinking
  • Worked with a development team that never had UX engagement before. Trained the development team about UX, the activities and deliverables to expect and how we could work together
  • Worked with development to oversee a complete overhaul of a product dashboard with all new visualizations in a short 4-iteration development cycle with great fidelity to the original UX design
  • Led a team of five UX; 2 User Researchers, 1 Visual Designer, 1 Interaction Designer/Visual Designer, 1 Front End Developer, as well as contributing as UX Designer and Front End Developer
  • Train wider team (development QA, documentation teams, along with UX team) in Design Thinking
  • Led wider team (development QA, documentation teams along with UX team) in Design Thinking practices to design the user experience of product releases
  • Participate in and provide input to release planning and quality measures around usability of products. Set the release schedule for UX, resource allocation and work estimates for release planning
  • Work closely with Product Management to understand the business space, customer requirements and needs and turn them into a user-friendly design
  • Provide playbacks to Executive team and management on design status and strategy and work with teams across the portfolio for consistency in branding and user experience patterns

IBM(Enterprise Content Management)

Human Factors EngineerJune 2006 – Apr 2013
  • Worked with UX/Development team to design a new case management software UI from the ground up (well received, product awarded internally for UI)
  • Instrumental in making inroads for UX processes into development, getting buy-in with developers and managers, evangelizing user-centered design practices
  • Took over role as usability lead for OmniFind Yahoo! Edition search product which was released Dec. 2006 and widely regarded as very easy to use and a strong competitor to the Google Mini offering
  • Performed role as accessibility focal point for Information Management. Reviewed and helped bring several products to accessibility compliance for sale to customers, including government contracts
  • Logged thousands of hours in usability testing sessions, including hundreds in a one month span, more than the rest of the department collectively.
  • Design graphical user interfaces for enterprise software products (interaction design, usability engineering, user-centered design practices)
  • Create interaction specifications with annotated wireframes
  • Heuristic evaluation of existing UI
  • Create low-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes
  • Led cognitive walkthroughs with partners/customers
  • Organize, schedule and run user tests with implemented product
  • Deliver test reports with recommendations for usability improvements based on user tests
  • Collect ease of use, task completion, time on task and other usability metrics
  • Served as Usability Engineer for Enterprise Content Management installs (7 products)
  • Served as point person for accessibility for the Enterprise Content Management UX department

Liquid Engines(Corporate Tax Compliance)

UI Designer (Consultant)Nov 2006 – Jan 2008
  • Established the look and feel of the GPM product
  • My HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototype code was used as the basis for the actual product UI (at that time, no UX person directly bridged the gap between design and development like that)
  • Worked with product management and development team to design entire graphical user interface for GPM and AMx products
  • Visual Design and Interaction Design of corporate tax software product
  • Create all graphics
  • Interactive prototypes in DHTML / JavaScript, which were used as the foundation of the actual product UI

IBM(Business Intelligence, Business Analytics)

Staff Software Engineer, UI EngineerAug 2004 – May 2006
  • Oversaw the migration of product branding from Alphablox corporate identity to the new IBM DB2 identity
  • Designed and implemented administration GUI for creating multi-dimensional data cubes from relational data sources
  • Developer on team to enable tier-1 localized language support for the product. (13 new languages added)
  • Organized and conducted usability tests for product-wide icon and image replacement, in concert with the branding change
  • Enterprise web application GUI design and implementation using Java, DHTML and XML
  • Usability testing of rapid prototypes using various techniques (cognitive walkthrough, feature inspection, etc.)
  • Server-side component design and code in Java, client-side view created in DHTML
  • Technical spec and design documentation
  • Unit test authoring

AlphaBlox(Business Intelligence, Business Analytics)

Software Engineer, UI EngineerNov 1999 - Aug 2004
  • Authored the view layer and unit tests in Java for almost all Alphablox core DHTML client components
  • Added DHTML components to the web-based interface of the product to match the Java applet versions. This solved a 2-year long problem that kept customers from being able to deploy our software across extranets where Java applets were not permitted, either for security or download reasons, yet a consistent interface was needed on every desktop.
  • Conducted nearly 50 usability studies with profiled users from among customers, partners and internal resources, using various rapid prototyping techniques (paper mockup, DHTML mockup) and testing techniques (cognitive walkthough, interview, feature inspection) covering some 14 areas of the Alphablox GUI, resulting in well over 80 recommendations for improvements to the GUI, including layout, types of controls, iconography, labels and naming conventions, and also identifying areas meriting further study
  • Usability research, design and implementation of a suite of customization GUIs for the end-user to control the look-and-feel of visual data charts
  • Implemented a GUI using Java on the server and HTML on the client to navigate a dimension of data within a multi-dimensional cube
  • Other: designed the installer splash screens for the product
  • Enterprise web application GUI design and implementation using Java, DHTML and XML
  • Usability testing of rapid prototypes using various techniques (cognitive walkthrough, feature inspection, etc.)
  • Server-side components coded in Java, client-side view implemented in DHTML
  • Technical spec and design documentation
  • Unit test authoring
  • Engineering support for customer issues
  • Icon and graphic development

Myers Internet Services(Internet Service Provider for the Mortgage Industry)

Manager of Design DepartmentJan 1997 - Nov 1999
  • Re-engineered our web-site-template product line to decrease setup/installation time from 6 hours down to 40 minutes. These templates had an 80% profitability rate and made up a large portion of Myers' monthly new sales after my efforts.
  • Personally designed over 150 custom web sites. (HTML/Graphics)
  • Managed 5 web designers that produced 700 financial web sites within 3 years
  • Wrote over 50 custom JavaScripts including 3 HTML editors and form validation libraries used by customer web sites. Authored all custom JavaScripts for online form validation and web UI.
  • Created searchable database using ColdFusion as an interface; first database application Myers developed
  • Oversee all web site and web application design for the company
  • Manage development teams for custom web applications
  • Design all web sites for larger customers (sites over $10,000.00 in value)
  • Interview, train and manage Design Department, task assignment and order tracking

Patents & Publications

Patent: Displaying Large List Data In Limited Visual Space

US Patent US 9652117 B2 - US 9652117 B2
Issued May 16, 2017

Japan Patent JP 5528134 B - English search
Issued Apr 25, 2014

Article: The UX Blog - "Visual Design is all about Fight or Flight"

Apr 23, 2017, The UX Blog

Abstract: Visual Design preys upon the base human instinct of “fight or flight” — the instinct we have to constantly evaluate our surroundings and assess if there is a threat and determine whether we can overcome the threat or should escape from it. The way Visual Design employs “fight or flight” is by leveraging the natural visual cues of size, contrast, color and line that help us determine what is near and far and set the order in which we will inspect our environment.

View article

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UC Berkeley (Extension Courses)

Object Oriented Design in Java

Academy of Art University (Illustration)

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration, Graduated 1999

UX Leadership Corporation At-Large

Unifying the Brand (CallidusCloud)

Principle UX Designer, Visual Design
Corporation at-large (see details)
Contributed to increased sales in Q3/Q4 for the year and onward by instilling customer confidence in the company and the brand.

Led the unification of 13 products in 5 months, in time for global conference. Worked with dozens of PMs, development teams and marketing across the enterprise, and across the globe, in the US, UK, EU and IN to drive to successful completion.


Being web-based applications, the initial unification was done using CSS to reskin the apps to be aligned. This was quite a feat given the wide variation in HTML implementations, due to the fact that about half the product line were acquisition products developed separately from one another.


Products covered:

  1. Commissions/Incentive Management (IM)
  2. Sales Performance Management (SPM)
  3. Territory & Quota Management (T&Q)
  4. Producer/Insurance Compensation Manager (ICM)
  5. Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
  6. Workflow
  7. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  8. Sales Enablement
  9. Marketing Automation
  10. Analytics and Reporting
  11. Connect (integration API and administration)
  12. Reporting
  13. Litmos (Learning Management System)

Leading and Collaborating on Corporate Platform Conversion (Apttus)

UX Team Lead, Principle UX Designer
CPQ, Order Management, ABO (Asset-Based Ordering)
Reduced friction and objections in new sales and helped convince existing customers to migrate to the Salesforce platform by showing an integrated appearance of the product line. Renewals were $12.9M, 70% with a 1% uplift

Leading the reskin and redesign as the product shifts from Angular to Lightning Design System (still in progress)

Salesforce Page
What we need to match
Apttus Page

Collaborated with development on the conversion of all products from Apttus' NOVA System to Salesforce Lightning Design System for customers on the Salesforce platform, per the corporate strategy for 2020. The conversion is ongoing in stages. Stage 1 was largely a CSS reskin on the previous Angular pages to match the Lightning Design System. Stage 2 is the creation of Apttus-specific Lightning Components that run on the Salesforce platform proper, which is currently ongoing. I determined the changes necessary to unify the products and worked directly with UI developers to review their implementation and advised how to correct various defects.

Apttus Angular UI unified with surrounding Salesforce Lightning UI
Apttus Angular pages with NOVA Theme embedded in Salesforce UI

Cross-functional Team Leadership Dashboards with AI (Callidus)

Team Lead, Front End Development, Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Research
Sales Ops, C-Suite Executives, Buyers/Decision-Makers (Prototype for conference presentation)
CPQ, CLM, DataHug, Litmos, Reporting/AI
Stand-alone code prototype used as part of the keynote presentation of our largest annual conference. Very well-received and directly influential in increasing the sales pipeline for the year.

UX designer and team lead for HTML prototype of complex demo of integrated suite of products, demonstrating 7 products specifically, which coupled AI recommendations based on data collected from the suite of products.

Timeline was about 12 weeks from initial authoring of the script to presenting the HTML prototype at a conference in Las Vegas.


Led and collaborated with stakeholder team of

  • 1 Data Scientist
  • 5 Product Managers
  • Chief Product Officer
  • 1 UX Designer
  • 3 Front End Developers

...with additional review input from internal representative users, executive team (CEO, CFO, CMO, EVP Product), and Marketing on brand and visual design.

Design process was Design Thinking with user interviews, empathy maps, user journeys, paper prototypes, wireframes, interactive mockups that were end-user tested (internally), then moving to the final HTML prototype.

Design Thinking Instructor Instructor, Education Developer

Instituting UX Process with Design ThinkingTraining product teams with Double Diamond version (at Apttus)

Instructor, Education Developer
Target Users:
Sales Ops, Contract Managers
Boston Scientific, Apttus (Professional Services)
Rebates, CLM, CPQ
For Rebates, initial user tests of the new design show 100% task success in less than 10 minutes (the original product tests resulted in 50% task failure and at least 30 minutes to complete when successful.) CLM is still in prototype phase, but intial tests are garnering above passing for ease of use. CPQ has done initial research, user journeys and just begun ideation.

I am in the process of instituting Design Thinking as the design methodology at Apttus. I've trained the UX team, and for key product teams, I am training and leading stakeholder teams of UX, Product Managers and Software Architects, largely using the Design Council's Double Diamond process with remaining cirriculum developed myself, based on years of experience teaching and practicing Design Thinking with a variety of development teams. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) and Revenue teams are going through this process now. The example here is from the Rebates team.

User Story, User Experience Map
Affinity Map
UX India Team

I led the sessions via web conference

Product release pending.
Images unavailable.

Instituting UX Process with Design Thinking Training product teams with Stanford D.School version (at Callidus)

Instructor, Education Developer, Design Leader
Target Users:
Sales Ops
Active Network, Lenovo, IHS
Territory & Quota
Design tested above passing for ease of use. Resulted in immediate conversion from opportunity to orders at a conference for 3 open T&Q prospects.

Callidus had no UX employees or UX process before I was hired. I instituted Design Thinking as the design methodology at Callidus. For each product team, I trained and led a stakeholder team of UX, Product Manager, Software Architects, Developers and QA in a hybrid of the Stanford D.School and IBM versions of Design Thinking and instituted Design Thinking as the UX process for designing Callidus products. Multiple product teams across the portfolio were trained. The example here is from Territory & Quota. (Final high-fidelity mockup was created by a contract UX Designer on the team.)

User Research, Empathy Map (Persona)
User Journey, Ideation
Paper Prototype
User Test and Refine
Interactive Clickable Wireframing
Drive to High Fidelity, Implemented in Product
Running product now used as live demo on corporate web site

Introducing Design Thinking to IBM Training product teams with IBM version (at IBM)

Design Thinking Instructor, UX Design Lead
Target Users:
I.T. Ops Administrators
Federal Reserve of the U.S., Pfizer, JP Morgan Chase, BNY Mellon, Discover Card, BB&T Bank, Wells Fargo, Lightwell Inc., Russell Investments, Bank of China, BP, Suntrust, US Bank, Barclays Bank, Target
IBM Control Center
Completely changed how UX, PM, dev and all stakeholders collaborate to develop product. Took a product line that was almost completely unusable and transformed it into an appealing and usable product based on customer feedback.

I was sent to IBM's Austin Design Studio for training in Design Thinking. The leads (UX, PM, Dev) for our product were given Design Thinking training at a bootcamp. From that experience, I came back and trained the rest of the UX team and other engineering stakeholders and lead the IBM Control Center product team in Design Thinking, conducting user research, ideation, design, interactive prototypes and reviewing implementation.


Developers were unable to figure out how to implement a dashboard. They implemented it as a page for each chart. Impossible for customers to use, compare data or get any overview.


I trained and lead the stakeholder team in Design Thinking to do user research, ideation, design, interactive prototypes and review implementation. Note how close the final product looks like the UX design. (Visual design by a UX team colleague.)

User Research, Empathy Map (Persona)
User Journey
Paper Prototyping (User Tested)
UX Design
This application is used by the Federal Reserve to monitor inventory transactions (1000's per minute) across the internet between banks and the Fed.
Actual Product Implementation
This application is used by the Federal Reserve to monitor inventory transactions (1000's per minute) across the internet between banks and the Fed.

Corporate Design Systems Leader, Author and Contributor

UX Team Lead, Coach and Advisor NOVA Design System (Apttus)

Design Ops, UX Team Lead, Coach and Advisor
Target Users:
UX Designers, UI Developers, Product Managers, Partners, Customers
Corporation at-large
Customer IBM was so impressed with the Apttus product design style, they requested access to the Apttus Design System so they could use it to match their surrounding apps with our design style. I've never seen such a thing happen at IBM before.

I lead the UX team creating the Apttus NOVA Design System, a design system and library of components. Worked with PMs and development teams to design and build Angular components with the Apttus corporate branded look and feel. Moved the UX team to using JIRA to track work and deliver component designs. Provided guidance to the UX team on internationalization and accessibility, and provided input on interaction design for common UX patterns, based on prior user testing experience. Led the UX team in publishing the NOVA Design System using InVision's DSM (Design System Manager) for internals and customers to access.

UI Guidelines Author User Interface Guidelines (Callidus)

Design Ops, Guidelines Author
Target Users:
UI Developers, UX Designers, Product Managers
Corporation at-large
The CallidusCloud UI Guidelines were part of the key to unifying 16 enterprise products, more than half acquisitions, into a cohesive integrated portfolio.

I authored the corporate UI guidelines through several revisions. Worked with the Marketing team on branding elements and utilized marketing brand to inform visual treatment in our design language, from fonts, colors, graphics and layouts.

Version 1 I authored in just 2 months to unify all products by the summer conference.
Version 2 was in force over the next 12 months and with occasional updates.
Version 3 was a timeboxed 4-month effort, with UI pattern contributions from 2 other UXers.

Mobile Design User Research, Interaction Design

Early Adopter iWatch Design Litmos iWatch App (Callidus)

Visual Design
Target Users:
Sales Managers, Education Developers
Litmos (LMS - Learning Management System)
This was implemented into a working POC to impress customers at our annual conference. It showed us as leading the industry in mobile and wearables as the iWatch design guidelines were not even final at the time.

I had a 2 week window to design a cutting-edge iWatch app for a new education product to be launched at a conference. Apple iWatch design guidelines were not even complete at the time.

Enterprise Mobile Catalog and Shopping Cart Prototyping CPQ Mobile Catalog (Apttus)

Target Users:
Sales, Account Executives
Philips, Illumina, (also tested on
Work is still in progress, but both A and B versions have tested well above passing for ease of use with 100% task success for complicated enterprise quote creation, averaging less than 15 minutes on mobile devices. This mobile version will be new to the market when released.

Product release pending.
Images unavailable.


The main design was done by my colleague on the team. Partnering with the product designer on my team, I helped build out the mobile prototypes for an A/B test of our Configure, Price, Quote Catalog, as well as define the test materials and run some of the tests. Project was 184 screens just for my B test. My colleague had a similar number to develop. This was accomplished in a about a sprint or so.

Product release pending.
Images unavailable.

iPad Design Storage Capacity Planner App (IBM)

Visual Design
Target Users:
CIO, I.T. Operations, Storage Managers
BNY Mellon, IBM (internal)
Storage Capacity Planner
The design and development of this product made it possible for CIOs and Operations to deploy, manage and retire storage capacity across very large enterprises remotely via mobile devices. This capability previously only existed as a spreadsheet.

I collaborated with another colleague to redesign a very complex spreadsheet calculator into a visual dashboard on mobile for managing enterprise storage capacity, showing historic usage and projected usage to aid in decisions around decommissioning and reclaiming storage devices and space. This was one of IBM's earlier forays into mobile applications.

Patent Invention Inventor

Invention to Improve Usability of Long Select Lists (IBM)

Inventor, Human Factors Engineer

Large lists are historicallly difficult to use.

  1. You can't see the range of values at a glance
  2. You can't see everything selected at a glance
  3. Scrolling up and down to view and select is not ergonomical
  4. Paging back and forth to recall selections has a cognitive load

This design innovation aimed to solve these issues.

Full-Stack UX Design User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front End Developer

UX Designer, UI Developer Corporate Tax Solution (Liquid Engines)

UX Designer, UI Developer
Target Users:
Corporate Tax Preparers
KPMG, Thomson Reuters
GPM (corporate tax calculation), AMx (state apportionment)
GPM was so well-received by customers that two additional products were spun off from it (AMx, STx) and led to Liquid Engines being acquired by Thomson Reuters.

Sole UX designer for a corporate tax offering. User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front End Development. My DHTML code prototypes were used as the initial basis for the product UI in the build.

Photoshop Mockup

Corporate taxes are very complicated. Needed to make a user-friendly, easy to use, guided experience for users with corporate tax domain knowledge. Users will spend hours in these screens on the desktop, so kept the color scheme very light and as easy on the eyes as possible. The data in the tables was the focus. My HTML/CSS/JS was production-ready and used as the UI of the actual product. KPMG raved about the UI, and Thomson Reuters bought the company.

Presentation Mockups
Final Design

The customer chose a hybrid of elements they liked for the final version.

Working HTML Prototypes Sales Compensation Plan Redesign (Callidus)

UI Developer, UX Designer
Target Users:
Sales Ops
Kaiser, Medtronic, Lexus Nexus, Sunrun, Vivint
This interface made it so compensation plans could be created in mere minutes with 100% task success and tested well above passing for ease of use. Previously Commissions had a minimum 1-year learning curve (per customer interviews) and creation of individual compensation plans took an hour or more.


This critical core feature was needed to enable advanced users to create complex compensation plans composed of dozens, even hundreds, of complex calculation rules. The complexity meant it would be impossible to design without a proper user test and real user input. So we created a couple version of working HTML prototypes to test as if it was live product and A/B tested those two versions.

Run the 'A' prototype (Test script to use with the prototype.)

Web DesignHTML/CSS/JavaScript, since 1997

Mortgage Broker Web Site -

Web Design, HTML/CSS code
Target Users:
Home buyers

Customer wanted an elegant, enterprise-looking design that made their company look like a larger organization than they are and competed with the real "" and hoped might be confused with the real "" at the time. These are presentation mockups. (Site went live with design #1, but that version is offline today.)

Sculptor Web Site - richardhü

Web Design, HTML/CSS code
Target Users:
Interior decorators, home decor shoppers, art enthusiats
Richard Hübscher

Customer is a sculptor and wanted a web site that complimented and showcased his forms. This was in the 1990's and HTML/CSS were quite limited. To highlight the art work, I used a minimal approach to the surrounding content and used a few HTML tricks of the day to orient text like the art identifiers in museums. (Site now defunct)

Visual Design Graphic Designer

ISMP Installer Splash Screens - Alphablox

Graphic designer
Target Users:
I.T. Administrators
Alphablox Analysis Suite

Billboards for the InstallShield Multi-Platform (ISMP) product installer. Created imagery to present marketing messages during the product install process, which could take a while, needing to distract and entertain the user during that time.

The globe and the gears were actually hand-painted by me in watercolor on canvas, then scanned in with other digital elements added.